Bluebirds Of Happiness

Have you ever spotted a bluebird
As it flys swiftly across the sky ?
Found it's beauty and grace truly amazing
To your simple human eye ?

Have you ever watched a bluebird
As it perches so proudly in a tree ?
Marvelled at it's beautiful bright colours
There for your eyes to see

Have you ever listened to a bluebird
As it sings to it's waiting mate ?
Felt the pleasure's these little birds bring
To a world so filled with hate ?

Have you ever felt the wonders of nature
God's beautiful creatures bring ?
Known that happy and contented feeling
When you hear a bluebird sing ?

Poem written for Steph
by İKaye Stubbington 31/05/04

I wrote Bluebirds of Happiness especially for my very
dear friend Steph when she was undergoing
chemotherapy in 2004.
Even though she lost her brave fight I know this
poem cheered her up and gave her hope.

God Bless you my special friend
One day we will meet again.


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